ARTICLE: Wedge Park teachers raise $5300 for autism (Star Weekly, Sept 2015)

Wedge Park teachers raise $5300 for autism (Original article posted at Star Weekly)


The lives of Sam and Chelsea Bowman changed when their nephew Liam was diagnosed with autism last year.

Since then the Bowmans have learned all about the disorder and the struggles people dealing with it face – including three-year-old Liam.

So when Ms Bowman stumbled upon the AWEgust for AWEtism campaign on Facebook, she knew they had to be involved.

The campaign encourages people to set themselves a challenge to undertake during August and raise money for the I Can Network.

With the help of colleagues Sarah Bennett and Erin King, Ms Bowman organised a trivia night, while Mr Bowman cycled 208 kilometres.

The team – made up entirely of Wedge Park Primary School staff – raised more than $5300.

“I’ve been talking to my sister who has fears for her son [Liam] and where he will be after primary school going into adulthood,” Ms Bowman said.

“The I Can Network provides mentors and camps to build them for the next step after primary school.”

Ms Bowman said her husband, who had never met someone with autism, learned so much about the condition he was inspired to set his own bicycle challenge.

“Anyone can achieve what they want to whether or not they have a disability,” Ms Bowman said.


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